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I am a Full-Stack Web Developer & Web Designer based in The USA, but working Worldwide. I am passionate about designing and developing user-friendly websites. I have all the skills to create a new high quality website or improve existing websites for individuals and organisations, using the latest techniques and trends.



Graphic Design, Quality Control, Support, Training, Marketing, Studio Construction Set expectations and responsibilities for all staff to maintaining data accuracy with regard to client records, billing

Sales & Marketing

Convention, Expo, Chamber of Commerce - Booth & Events

Telecom / VoIP

Technical Documentation

Create a "scratch pad" to establish a common template and writing structure. This is used by all technical writers to ensure consistency in documentation, and maintains a single writing style. Support personnel have an easier time finding and relaying the respective documentation, and end-users are more able to digest the information when given in a predictable format.


Domain Management

Web Development


Select an established "Shopping Cart" to provide a foundation that fits the direction and desired result. Build a complete product catalog with tabulated attributes & specifications, categories & tags, dimensions & weights, and with full product descriptions & imagery.

Select various plugins & services to provide calculated tax rates, calculated shipping rates (based upon combined dimensions & weight of selected items, shipment method, and delivery address), and calculated transaction fees (based upon payment gateway & type of payment).

Web Design

Select an established framework that is easy to maintain, secure, and use. This further provides customizable themes, and allows development to be completed in significantly less time (not having to "re-invent wheel"). Once set up, the website requires minimal technical ability of its administrators to add/modify/delete content.




$64 per month
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$128 per month
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